Current Problems in India and their Solutions

India is known as the country of Agriculture. More than 40% of country’s employment comes from agriculture or related activities and it contributes to about 60% of country’s GDP. With so many schemes floating, why India is struggling with its Agri-business? The problem does not end here; farmer suicides and grievances are increasing day by day. But on the top of that we are still struggling with food shortage and hunger problems. Let’s have a look at the major issues that are halting our progress.

Agricultural issues in India: 

The separating issues that torment Indian agribusiness at present are the data setback and base lack, especially in the nation zones. Issues related to watering framework establishment, market structure and transport base add imperative cost to farmers' operations. A substitute issue is unlucky deficiency of movement instruments. According to various evaluations, the level of domain immersed appeared differently in relation as far as possible collected is low, averaging around 40%. We have issues like water logging at the head bit of the water bodies and lack at the last parts. Colossal dams have their own particular specific issues like reclamation of people, natural concerns and whether they sufficiently fill their need. So these are issues concerning surface watering framework. Deficient Irrigation business locales and dependence of farmers on rainstorm season, where incredible storm realizes a staggering improvement while a poor storm prompts a sluggish advancement for the economy general. Farm credit is overseen by NABARD, which is the statutory crest agent for natural change in the subcontinent. Tragically, extraordinary quality seeds are out of scope of the lion's offer of agriculturists, especially little and insignificant farmers generally because of over the top expenses of better seeds. To handle this issue, the Government of India secured the National Seeds Corporation (NSC) in 1963 and the State Farmers Corporation of India (SFCI) in 1969. Thirteen State Seed Corporations (Sscs) were moreover settled to stretch the supply of improved seeds.

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Farmer issues in India: 

This is to display a percentage of the vital difficulties confronted by the Indian cultivating segment specifically and creating countries when all is said in done -poor financial conditions, absence of specialized learning, ignorance, and mindfulness, and little land possessions including modernization prompting fruitless area and cataclysms. A street system is most required (100%), emulated by storerooms (88.2%), force supply (61.9%) and human services (53.5%). There are two methods for taking a gander at the issue - glass half full or half vacant. In the event that we see half-full and realize that water is not an issue however an answer for our issue i.e. by creative strategies for cultivating which give great results with less water and inventive systems to moderate and spare soil and water, then we can advance on a generally characterized maintainable way of advancement and take out rustic hardship. As indicated by the rules surrounded by the legislature, a family will be qualified just if the rancher who conferred suicide owing to powerlessness to reimburse the credit has obtained it from a bank or a credit establishment perceived by the administration will be qualified. The mandate issued to defeat the issue of usury is not liable to free the agriculturist from the grasp of the covetous moneylenders. The Crop Insurance Scheme, expected to deal with instances of yield disappointment and give veritable help to the influenced agriculturists. The issue of rancher’s suicide can't be looked in segregation, however from the more extensive viewpoint of the farming situation in the nation.

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Food and Hunger issues in India: 

Nourishment accessibility is an important condition for sustenance issues. India is sufficient independent in cereals however deficiency in beats and seeds of oil. Because of distinctive sorts of changes in methods for expending, interest for sustenance, vegetables, milk items, meat, poultry, and fisheries has been expanding. There is have to expand crop broadening and enhance associated exercises. There are barely any sustenance grain imports after 1970s. Sustenance generation in the nation expanded from around 50 million tons in 1950-51 to around 233.9 million tons in 2008-09. The development rate of sustenance grains has been give or take 2.5 for every penny for every annum between the years of 1951 and 2006-07. The late inclination for development of sugarcane and other moreover field crops for creating of ethanol is viewed as an enormous test for the nourishment security of the world. At the same time of time, all the while there has been outstanding increment in developing range of restorative plants like amla, ashwagandha, sarpagandha and bio-fuel yields like jatropha uncovered out in India amid the late years. The Government of India has brought into practice, a most discriminatingly required, Biotechnology Regulatory Authority Act for being talked about in Parliament. The objective of this demonstration is to supply an expert and transparent Regulatory Body which can motivate open, political, proficient furthermore media mystery. It ought to be acknowledged when it can be.

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